European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience

ISSN: 2321-9122

Vol. 6, Issue 4 (2018)

Optimization of physiochemical requirements on collagenase production from Aspergillus fungi

Author(s): R Blieva, A Zhakipbekova, N Akhmetsadykov, A Kalieva, ZH Saduyeva
Abstract: Collagenolytic enzymes are one of the most important industrial enzymes which have a wide variety of applications in medical, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, textiles industries etc. The industrial processes of enzymes production are performed under specific conditions, required for the activity and stability of the enzyme. The parameters such as temperature, substrate, pH, cincubation time and inoculum percentage strongly affect many enzymatic processes. In this study, the optimization of physiochemical parameters such as pH and temperature for the collagenase production was carried out in Aspergillus awamori 16 and Aspergillus awamori 22 mixed cultures. The physiochemical parameters were found to be optimal in pH 6.0 and temperature 35oC.
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