European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience

ISSN: 2321-9122

Vol. 6, Issue 4 (2018)

Husbandry practices followed by backyard poultry in Sindhudurg district of Konkan region

Author(s): PY Ambre, VY Sawant, AJ Mayekar
Abstract: The study was conducted in Sindhudurg district of Konkan region to determine the socio economic and management practices of backyard poultry keepers. The objective of the study was to assess status of chicken management practices following introduction of the improved strains and the perceptions of farmers on the influence of management on overall productivity of the chickens. A total of 156 household representing 44 per cent (352) of the intervened households were interviewed using semi-structured questionnaire at 48 weeks following introduction of the improved breeds. Data for management practices (Housing, feeding and healthcare practices) were assessed using scoring method. For every management aspect, management index was calculated as the proportion of the total score obtained by individual farmer to that of the possible maximum score. The overall result in the present study indicated that most farmers fall under medium status of chicken production practices. Farmers from Sindhudurg district had however, better management indices with respect to housing and feeding. For the improved strains to perform optimally under rural environment a holistic approach focusing on management elements should be emphasized.
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