European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience

ISSN: 2321-9122

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Vol. 7, Issue 2 (2019)

The effects of hypochlorous acid on microflora of chicken meat

Author(s): Dilek Keskin, Gamze Başbülbül, Bülent Bozdoğan
Abstract: Contamination of poultry meat with foodborne pathogens as well as spoilers remains an important issue. In present study we have tested the effects of hyphochlorous acid on microflora of chicken samples stored at 2-8oC during 7 days. Hyphochlorous acid was sprayed on 5 chicken samples and 5gr of same samples without hyphochlorous acid treatment were used as control. Total DNA was extracted from samples and 16S r RNA sequences were done by next gene sequencing. A total of 11 genus (Acinetobacter sp, Arthrobacter sp, Brochothrix sp, Carnobacterium sp, Flavobacterium sp, Myroides sp, Pseudomonas sp, Psychrobacter sp, Janthinobacterium sp, Oxalobacteraceae sp, Vagococcus sp) and 19 species (Brochothrix thermospacta, Carnobacterium maltaromaticum, Carnobacterium divergens, Flavobacterium antarcticum, Oxalobacteraceae bacterium, Psychrobacter cryohalolentis, Psychrobacter urativorans, Psychrobacter glacincola, Pseudomonas fragi, Pseudomonas psychrophila, Pseudomonas chlororaphis, Pseudomonas libanensis, Pseudomonas jesseni, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pseudomonas azotoformans, Pseudomonas weihenstephanensis, Vagococcus salmoninarum, Vagococcus fessus, Vagococcus fluvialis) were detected from the samples. While Oxalobacteraceae bacterium, and Pseudomonas azotoformans were detected only from hyphochlorous acid applied samples, Flavobacterium antarcticum, and Pseudomonas fluorescens were detected only from non hyphochlorous acid applied samples. The results of our study showed that except minor differences, hyphochlorous acid treatment did not change the micro biome of chicken meat samples and hyphochlorous acid application did not prevent spoilage.
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