European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience
European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience
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Hepato-curative Effects of Methanol Extract from Nigerian Bee Propolis in Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) Intoxicated Rats
Pages: 01-04  
Alkaloids of Cucumis Metuliferus fruit pulp reduces hepatitis b virus (HBV) in laboratory animals
Pages: 05-07  
Production of New Thermostable and Acidstable Alpha-Amylase from Bacillus sp.B1 and B2 under Solid State Fermentation
Pages: 08-11  
Physio-chemical, storage and sensory characteristics of chicken drumstick dried powder
Pages: 12-16  
Isolation, characterization and identification of heavy metal tolerating thermophiles from hot water spring
Pages: 17-22  
Effect of bulb size on the yield and quality of true seeds of onion
Pages: 23-27  
Microalbuminuria and Status of diabetic nephropathy in low socioeconomic sect of Karachi
Pages: 28-30  
Susceptibility pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to aminoglycosides (Gentamicin and Amikacin) in a tertiary care hospital of Karachi, Pakistan
Pages: 31-34  
Large scale production of Ruta graveolens. L shoots using aerated bioreactor
Pages: 35-38  
Evaluation of Genotypic Variation Using SDS-PAGE
Pages: 39-40  
Effect of composts and industrial by-products on yield and yield attributes of sugarcane
Pages: 41-43  
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