European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience
European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience
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Comparative analysis of various naturally occurring substrates for high Phytase activity for use in Pig and Poultry feed
Pages: 01-03  
Preservation and molecular identification of Aspergillus and Penicilium species with ITS-PCR
Pages: 04-07  
Hepatoprotective effect of hyoscyamus albus leaves on carbon tetrachloride-induced an acute hepatotoxicity on rats
Pages: 08-12  
Genetic characterization of acetic acid bacteria producing bacterial cellulose
Pages: 13-19  
In vitro, evaluation effect of Punica granatum, Artemisia herba-alba, and Callistemon viminalis extracts against chalkbrood disease
Pages: 20-25  
Antimicrobial resistance patterns and prevalence of virulence factors among biofilm producing strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pages: 26-28  
Acute toxicity and indirect effects on the NA+/K+ ATPase pump of chloroform extract of Mansonia altissima (Sterculiaceae) in rabbits
Pages: 29-33  
The correlation study of transcutaneous bilirubin measurements in neonates
Pages: 34-37  
Effect of pre sowing botanical seed treatment on seed yield and quality in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) cv. TMV 3
Pages: 38-40  
Elements controlling the adoption level of farmers regarding bio-fertilizer applications
Pages: 41-43  
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