European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience
European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience
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Thyroid and sex steroid hormone levels in the fresh water carps collected in wild from an aquatic body
Pages: 01-04  
Study of involvement of peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in imparting resistance to bacterial blight disease in Oryza sativa varieties
Pages: 05-10  
Primary evaluation of six genotypes of water chestnut (Trapa Bispinosa Roxb.)
Pages: 11-12  
Thin layer chromatographic analysis for various phytochemical constituents in the ethanolic flower extracts of morphotypes of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn.
Pages: 13-17  
Genetics of finger millet grain yield in Bastar plateau of Chhattisgarh
Pages: 18-19  
Study of intrinsic antibiotic resistance spectra of Bacillus sp. isolates from chickpea rhizosphere
Pages: 20-21  
Microalgal diversity and arsenic concentration in irrigation water, soil and rice plant samples collected from West Bengal, India
Pages: 22-28  
Progestogenic effect of norethisterone on uterine chemistry and uterine endometrium ultrastructure of albino rat (wistar strain)
Pages: 29-33  
Phytic acid degradation by selected lactobacilli isolated from fruits and vegetables and their potential as probiotics
Pages: 34-41  
Phylogenetic analysis of some Puntius species based on 18S rDNA
Pages: 42-47  
Evaluation of Biofilm Formation in Fluoro-quinolones Resistant Salmonella typhi clinical isolates
Pages: 48-51  
The use of modern family planning methods by the rural women in baligham santa sub – division, Cameroon
Pages: 52-55  
Quantitative estimation of amino acids and carbohydrates in the root exudates of Eucalyptus alba and Ziziphus nummularia
Pages: 56-62  
Studies on correlation and path analysis for flowering, fruit yield and its quality traits in Thuthuvalai (Solanum trilobatum L.)
Pages: 63-66  
A critical study on factors influencing the adoption of sustainable sugarcane initiatives (SSI)
Pages: 67-70  
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